Monday, November 19, 2012

News coverage, part II

The aforementioned news outlet has again contacted me to come on air, this time to address EDs in men. I spoke with the reporter at length, expressing my concerns about the previous story, and was told this reporter would not do the same thing. So, I agreed.

But, I just read the story in GQ that this reporter is basing her story on, and it is yet another ED story that talks about behaviors and weight, etc. (Why is it so rare that a news outlet can manage to pull off a story that does not glorify EDs??) And, as much as this reporter might agree to not do the same story, reality is I don't have any ability to reject participation once the interview is done.

So, the question is this: Does the benefit of talking about EDs in men outweigh the risks of the impact of another potentially glorifying story?

Please, thoughts?


  1. i think it is important to know men struggle as much as women it is just significantly less documented. but that is a , Good luck!

  2. but that is a hard one *

  3. okay, so, i think it's really cool that there are finally people out there who want to get information about men with ED's out there. because, truthfully, i don't really know a damn thing about it, and i know most people don't, either. and, honestly, if anyone is going to say something about it, i think you'd make an excellent candidate for something like this, because you're very aware and careful about not exploiting people with ED's or glorifying it. so, if anyone should do it, it should be you.


    when i was interviewed on a national morning show in NYC about my ED, i felt like they really gave me leading questions that made things appear different (and worse) than how i wanted them to. i wasn't confrontational to say, "don't put it that way! you're assuming things! you're making me look crazy and this is ALL WRONG!" etc etc. and they also wanted to know all about food and weight etc. but, knowing you, i don't think you're going to let anyone push you around, and i'm pretty damn confident that if they start to lead you down a path that you feel is inappropriate or like they are exploiting or glorifying the ED, you'll shut them down. so, just be careful - they can edit the shit out of stuff and make it seem like you said something that you really didn't say. that's just what i've learned.

    so, i say do it - but be careful and cautious and don't let those reporters manipulate you like they did me!

  4. Thanks for your comments! I too have been poorly edited, so know that, even if I give it my best shot, I could be edited in an unpleasant way. But, I guess if that happens, I will have learned to not work with this news outlet in the future. I do think it is very important to get information out there about men with EDs, so will take the risk this time!

  5. keep us updated on when it airs!