Tuesday, August 21, 2012


How is it, some days, I can think of a million topics to write about, but 1) I don't remember all the ideas, so then when 2) days like this come along, I have no idea what to say!

I'm thinking more seriously about writing a book on ED treatment, which of course would be an incredibly difficult endeavor, and then there's the reality that there are so many ED books out there. But I really love helping others learn more about treating EDs. Not that I/we have all the answers, but I think we do have a lot to share. I guess for now, I will just have to research the publishing world to see if I have the guts to enter it.

One thing I'm not sure about is whether I really have to present endless research as the backbone of the book. I'd rather write a more "qualitative" book because, in reality, what outpatient provider can really prove what they do works? Never mind the reality that I see patients all day long, pretty much every day, so trying to find time to do a ton of research is, well, likely impossible. When I asked at a recent conference how to get what we do out there, the answer was to pay for outcomes research; a brilliant answer for those who have financial backing to do such a thing. But we are not associated with a bigger organization; a corporation or an educational institution. It is just wee little us. So, it's a bit of a stumper.

In short, I wonder if the type of book I would want to write is really wanted, or would be very respected. It is very hard to know, and I'd really like to avoid that whole rejection thing! Yep, I prefer to avoid rejection also; don't we all?

I dunno, are there any topics you'd like to hear about? I'm open to about anything....as long as I don't have to do research, apparently!

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